Roll For Crit is a tabletop gaming entertainment channel hosted by two passionate and sincere board game lovers. Each week, we produce a multitude of videos, including reviews, previews, tutorials, news coverage, Kickstarter picks, interviews, convention highlights, and anything else that comes up in the world of tabletop gaming!


Will Keeler | Host

A California native, Will somehow ended up on the East Coast through a strange chain of events and odd occurrences. There, he conceived of and founded Roll For Crit! In school, Will studied neuroscience, a subject he puts to good use every single day. His other interests include cooking, dinosaurs (but not cooking dinosaurs), and playing through his immense video game backlog.

Favorite Game: Arkham Horror: The Card Game


Jonathan Estis | Host

A long time lover of games of all kinds, Jonathan always knew that he would one day host a tabletop gaming channel. He and Will met in high school and have been annoying each other ever since. Jonathan’s other interests include movies, Nintendo, Spider-Man. When not working on Roll For crit, he works on a number of other, far stranger personal projects.

Favorite Game: Battlestar Galactica


Ivan Hahn | Producer

Geek extraordinaire, Ivan joined Roll For Crit early on as video editor, camera operator and technical supervisor. A former film student, he has a great love of new and classic film, and has worked with Jonathan on several online video ventures in the past. Ivan’s hobbies include photography, cooking, and playing with whatever tech gadgets he can get his hands on.

Favorite Game: Agricola


Roll. verb. (rohl).

1. To propel an object (such as a die) forward in such a fashion that it turns over and over repeatedly until it stops, at which point it will land on a number, but not necessarily the number that you were hoping for.

For. preposition. (fawr).

1. Used to indicate the purpose of a person, thing or action.

Crit. adjective. abbreviation. (krit).

1. As in critical. Urgent. Crucial. Decisive. Something that is more important than anything else in the entire world. (e.g. whether or not you receive any sheep this round.)

Roll For Crit. phrase. (rohl fawr krit).

1. To roll a die (often twenty-sided) and hope for the highest possible result. To take a chance. To bet it all. To win big or go home. To dream the impossible dream. In short, to live. I mean really, truly live.